Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At the Broccoli House

I had supper (breakfast; bacon, eggs, hash-browns, and juice at the Broccoli home on Monday night. We were cleaning out the fridge. I had taken Joe Cool to my stylist on Friday and so Joe Cool was contemplating his new hair style. A lot. And often. From the right. From the left. He had me show him how Eric combed it in the back. He was saving the free bottle of gel, to make sure he'd have enough for Walla2 and Lassen. (It was half full.) We are starting down a Jon Bon Jovi road. At least that's what Eric calls it, when he styled JBJv's hair a year ago. Dad was observing all the fuss and with a sober face told him that he was growing concerned. Oh, Dad. Really, Son. I feel you are needing some counsel. Maybe you need a little attention. I find it alarming that you had such low self-esteem.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Chicken Scraps

Would you believe it? Grandma knew I was going to bring Bobby in for a visit tonight, so she saved some chicken pieces for him! She is ever thoughtful. I thought I'd surprise her and had him groomed this morning. It was time, and it's too hot for him to have long hair. The only problem was, my 4:00 appointment didn't come until 4:30 and the groomer closes @ 5:00! (There's a fine if you're late) Chuggy was coming to sew some last minute things, so she went to pick him up while I dealt with a size 24 bride trying to get into a size 18 wedding dress..."It fit when I bought it!" No, really?
I couldn't even get the back closer than 6" apart. You would have been proud of me though, it was an effort to be professional and ask her to come back when it wasn't so hot, she wasn't so sticky, wearing the right under-garments, the right slip, the right shoes(?). In the end, I told her to go back to the bridal store and ask them to show her just how they did it, gotten her into the dress, or else get her money back as they'd sold her the wrong size. sigh.
I came home from work yesterday and didn't hear my usual welcoming committee. Bobby always barks a long and loud welcome every evening, when he hears the garage door open. Not last night. I thought I'd sneak in and see just what was hindering him. There he was, in front of the fan (which I leave on all day) on mom's bed. I guess there are things worthy of leaving a fan and there are things that just aren't! I fell down the totem pole.
BTW, she didn't save ME any of her ice cream, you know. There ought to be a law.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yellow Submarine

Mom is comfortably resting at a very blue-chip nursing facility. The only one with beds available last night, apparently. Some places don't have administrators/admittance officials on the weekends. Imagine that! She was worried, of course, about the cost, so I looked at her co-pay manual and it appears that it is $0 for up to 20 days. I called her right away so she could relax and heal. I told her that the Lord wanted her here, He arranged it so. It's a really nice place! Actually right next door to Rapunzel and super-chick's apartment building complex.
Mom said that the cradle-gurney that the paramedics put her into was shaped like a submarine. And it was yellow, to boot! And that the driver was the worst-of-all-drivers...low man on the totem pole, I guess. Hit every dip and pid ("bump" in Hemet-ese)at full speed. She left the hospital at 6:30pm on the dot. We (myself and Chuggy Pepper) had gone @ 4:30pm to gather her personal items, took them to the new place and set them up. ie; flowers, balloon, slippers, robes and nightie, C-PAP breathing machine, glasses, books, etc. The nurses at the hospital said to not depend on the transport staff to remember everything, better do it yourself. We then drove up to Altadena for the Lassen Prayer Meeting (and feast). LadyBug and Jailgy were there to meet her when she arrived. Snickers, Josephine, and Baby Bug, too!
Then they all went to Applebee's for supper.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Skilled Nursing Facility

Dr. Lu, her pulmonary specialist, has recommended immediate discharge. He is concerned about Nosocomial Infection (in hospital germs) affecting her delicate recovery. Dr. Hsu has agreed. He has written the orders to send her home tomorrow, providing a good assessment from Physical Therapy. P.T. says "NO" She must go to a skilled nursing facility until she is much stronger. So much for home tomorrow. Mom is very depressed and extremely weary. This does not help her heal. She says she doesn't want to be sick.
The staff will call me to let me know when she can be moved. It will take all day tomorrow to process this new order. Case workers and insurance agents, Doctors on staff and doctors on call...non-emergency transport van, which facility, and when do they have a room available.

Friday Morning Quick Update

Dr. Lu came in at 11:00pm last night. He is pleased with her progress. The antibiotic is working. He will remove the IV and administer it by mouth from now on. Also, I am to bring her walker today. The fatigue that was brought on by stress on her body needs to be fought now. She will have to move and walk to avert atrophy. Her fever is gone and her blood-work is healthy. Her sugar levels are fine. Being in the hospital adds stress, too, so he wants her to go home as soon as she is able. It's a real dance, being in the hospital, a fine line between helping and hindering, apparently.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy Days

I want you to see the sorry type of visitors your poor mom is getting. Isn't there anything else out there? First Joe Cool, who can't seem to avoid recognition no matter what. Just whom is he running from?

Then Rumple- stiltzskin. She made two purses today, out of blue jeans. Joe cool recognized his old Levi's and was not amused.

And who is that on Kedge's lap? Don't worry, we asked permission.

I'll go in later tonight to talk with the pulmonary specialist. He doesn't make his rounds until late. He'd said earlier that the pneumonia was not serious, at least not too serious. He still feels she needs to be hospitalized, this doesn't go away on it's own. I'll let you know what he says. She is in good spirits, still has her sense of humor. 'Teased' a Registered Nurse about leaving to go get someone else to do a menial job: "You must be an RN?" She stopped the woman in her tracks! The nurse then (guiltily) did the chore herself.
As I wind down my business in time for my trip to Lassen, I am thankful for good, patient, and understanding clients. I start now to warn them that I might not be able to do their work until I return. Already three have agreed. It is always nice to know I have work waiting for me. LadyBug has arranged to keep Mom for the week I'll be gone. And Bobby. She has a new sofa that has recliners on the ends and that will be where mom sleeps and spends the days. She'll be able to keep somewhat upright and this will help her breathe. This is all assuming she will be discharged soon.
Snutch is thinking about coming down on his way!? home from Joyful's house. He's taking a load of funiture up, and Glorious. She'll stay and help with the new baby, due on July 9th

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sleepless Night

Grandma isn't any better, in fact she's in the hospital this morning. When I came home from work, she was confused and still exhausted. I tried to make her supper, no thanx.
She didn't want anything but her thingy, the stuff that, you know, the box.
"What's in the box?"
The things. I had it this morning. Is it here?
"Do you remember where you left it?"
I was in the kitchen. I need to go to the bathroom. Have you talked to your sisters today? I need my...what is it I need?
"Do you mean your pills?"
Yes, my pills.
"Here they are on the counter. Just two. Can you tell me what this one's for?"
I take it for the...stuff. You know when I...need to take it.
"How about the little one. Do you know what it's called?"
It's called...and I need to take it, too. It's important.
I asked her to stick out her tongue; straight as an arrow. "Do I need to take you to the doctor?"
I'm fine, just tired, I've had a big week.
I called Chuggy Pepper and told her I needed her help. We both were praying. Is this bad? Should we overrule her? She was so confused and weary, more than normal.
She continued to be incoherent and couldn't stand on her own so we decided to go, just to have her looked at, to be sure.
The ER doctor detected pneumonia in her left lung. Overnight it is. Intra-venous antibiotic, bed rest (as if).
I woke up with a headache

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Question and a Story.

We rushed mom to the doctor yesterday...She's had a terrible cough. I'd left for work via the car dealer (tune-up for Lassen) and was hence stranded as I'd taken the shuttle. It eventually came out that she'd been avoiding telling me of her discomfort. Her blood pressure was high, I knew of it once, but another time it was higher and she chose not to tell. In calling Dr. to make an appointment for later in the week, she was instructed to come right away. Chuggy Pepper was summoned to drive. Throughout the day we were all concerned. She had been so busy last week.
We try to arrange one event a day so as to not tire her out and save some energy for unplanned stuff. Last week though, was especially busy. I have been struggling to be positive, but I found it hard (again) to be understanding about the secrecy. She is not a complainer. I don't see the logic in keeping these things from me and then having to rush about. I prayed and then called counselor Braille-man. He advised me to ask her directly why. Deal with the answer, not the feelings.
"I don't want you to worry." OK, mom. Think about this. I know you have diabetes, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure. I know you have had kidney failure, you fall often and you have had a heart attack. I know what to do in amplifying your medications in the event of a problem. Now I know you are hiding things from me. What do you think I worry about now?
Now for the story. I have a dear client whom I have had for years. She is often so cheerful and full of life. She loves the Lord Jesus and we often have sweet conversations together. Yesterday (that fateful day) she came in to pick up her clothes. She was stony and looked shell shocked. Finally she admitted that her 52 yr old son had just died. He had Diabetes. He had Coronary Artery Disease. He had Congestive Heart Failure and High Blood Pressure. He also was feeling poorly and didn't want to be a bother, so he didn't tell anyone. His body collapsed and his organs failed one by one, like dominos. Alice wasn't able to get to him before he died, it happened so fast. She never spoke to him again. Worst of all for her, she is not sure of his soul's condition.
We have an understanding now, Mom and I. I promise to take a deep breath and not panic/over react/rush her to the ER. She promises to tell me what I need to know.
BTW She had a chest X-Ray and Dr. gave her an antibiotic for an infection in her lungs, Motrin for pain and Diabetic Cough Syrup to help her bring up the junk. She'll stay in bed today.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Empress' New Toes

Since it was Saturday, one of the necessary things we do is get mom's toes taken care of. As I am the one to take her, I get mine done, too. I thought a delicate lavender would be nice this time. I picked out a color, but when the attendant started, she commented that the color was too light to do justice to any flowers. Off she went to get darker shade...! Now, I have been an art student and I know that acrylics ALWAYS dry darker. I know this, I do. Anyway, I now have GOTH toes. Just in time for Lassen. Good thing I wear sneakers all week. Except Sunday. All day Sunday. Everybody will see my toes, my eggplant colored tootsies. Maybe I can find a skirt so that folks will think I meant it this way along. BTW, I got emerald jewels put into the flowers, just in case. I do have a picture, i just can't seem to get it from there to here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bob Weaver

I have lugged my laptop into my bedroom and plugged it in to the wall socket in here...the lah-de-dah DSL double router has mega problems. We seem to be able to connect this and this but not this, this, and that. It doesn't help that the equipment is all of various ages. Jailgy is such a help and SO patient. She and beepbeep will come over on Monday and get to the bottom of it. It's nice to have problem solving bull-dogs in the family.
Yesterday was a long day. I took the day off from work so I could take Gramma to Bob Weaver's funeral. It was very nice, maybe 200 I think. Anyway, Evelyn was composed and warm. She has alot of family and friends, I would say about half of those attending. 'cleBill had a word as well as J. Ryan. Her daughter sang three verses of Bob's favorite hymn (which I can't remember) We had lunch in the picnic area by her home catered by Delores. Marvelous food: smoked meats, pasta with shrimp dressed with her fabulous basil/romano/olive oil sauce, her chock full salad that I can only begin to describe, potato salad with bacon CHUNKS, cut watermelon/pineapple/cantaloupe with strawberry-honey dressing. Anyway, Louise and Robin Haupt walked right by the buffet. They'd had a 'burrito' on the way up and weren't hungry!!! Imagine that? Who's not hungry when Delores is cooking.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


What with all-day-meeting( Hemet Style, I know, I know ) I was pretty wiped out. The Tiramisu was a success! Even recognizable for what it was...not just any-old layered pie thingy. We had a nice visit with Josephine and Bug. She took pictures with my new camera and gave some advice on memory chips...I won't really need much. One of the pics she took was of the mother mourning dove & nest that is right outside the back door. Two little sets of beady eyes. We can get very close as you'll see. Eventually. One lesson at a time. I did re-set the pixels to 'S is for small; 640x480- low, for e-mail and lots more images', yesterday. I felt so accomplished! I rested in that warm glowy feeling of success for a good day and a half. Sadly, the next morning I discovered a shattered nest, broken hanging basket, and quite a mess of dirt and twigs, all over the patio! OH NO! Also, one big, ugly, mangy, nasty, CAT!!! sitting contentedly on a chair. I looked and looked but never found a single feather anywhere, which was good news, sorta. Then this morning, I saw a mama dove sitting in the hanging petunias by the back fence, with one fledgling. I hope this was ours.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

edit me, Janet

I did lose all my links, Janet. Mom probably did too. I likes my new template better, but can't understand the lingo on how to republish. Too much too soon, I think.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm going to make a to-die-for Tiramisu this morning. I'll need four packages of lady-fingers, two pints of whipping cream, two pots of mascarpone and a little espresso liqueur. And a lot of espresso. It has to set for 24hrs and I want to bring it to all-day-meeting tomorrow. I 'googled' the recipe and got about two dozen professional ones, but basically they are the same. A little bit more of this there, a little less of that here... Some are outrageous, (make your own genoise- cake) some are way too amateur (cream cheese and angel food cake)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Smart Balance

It's the best butter substitute stuff...really tastes buttery and you can cook with it better than any other kind; melts and sautes very nicely. Even great dipping for artichokes. And no cholesterol. Rush advertizes it, if that matters. We buy the giant tub and scoop it into small ones for the table. Mom is a butter fiend and this way she can use as much as she likes. Becky found the cutest dress for summer at Ross'. It's made out of cotton 'sheeting', very cool and breeze-y, not like knits. We copied the pattern yesterday and she went to JoAnne's and found the nicest homespun fabrics. My favorite is a border print that has cherries all over it and a red gingham ribbon border for the hem.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

YouAll make me smile

It's a good thing I had my teeth cleaned yesterday, I'm smiling as I post. It's nice to have booster club! Thanks for the encouragement. Saturday I go look at cameras. Fred Johnson says Canon is as good as any and I only need 3-4 pixles if I'm just using it for this and work; no need to go professional or high-tech, right? Office Depot is having a camera sale. Want to go with me, Janet? I microwaved the half-burned, half-frozen fillet, then sauted it in Smart Balance. (very tasty) Mom was in a snit, but I ignored it and was annoyingly cheerful. I think she isn't feeling too well this week.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Okay, I get it.

now that I figured it out, I have to leave. Grandma just put a frozen salmon fillet on the stove and turned the burner up full blast...what is it it about her and hot pans?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

hi janet

now what do I do?