Monday, December 06, 2010

About this time, last year

Isn't it amazing how that year goes by so fast? I was trying (frustrating-ly) to up/down load stuff on my old laptop and it's so slow these days. I'd heard that photos take up alot of space and that I should erase them when I've finished with whatever I intended to do with them.
This is one of those intends.
I was hired by First Baptist Church of Hemet to sew their Christmas Pageant Choir's new robes. Mind you, they asked late in November! I was certainly put to the speed test this time!
With the help of sister Janet, who came with me to the meeting room to utilize the large pass-through as a cutting surface, and her handy set of rotary cutters, we were able to cut out the 40+ multiple size robes. We were exhausted and covered head to foot with purple glitter by the time we were done!
As you can see, I documented the empty fabric bolts so I would have a proof of the volume of dark purple, stretchy, glitter infused, one-way nap knit. UGH! I never want to see it again.

At first they wanted specially fitted sizes like 2 and 24. I convinced them that the robes were not so form fitting to warrant such specificity, we'd settle for X-small to XXX large and be done.


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You look exhausted!


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