Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oops. It was Kilauea!

19.43°N 155.29°W, Summit Elevation 4009 ft (1222 m)
Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

This report, in addition to maps, photos, and webcam images (available using the menu bar above), was prepared by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO):

Activity Summary for last 24 hours: Lava continued to flow into the ocean at up to 4 locations on the Waikupanaha delta. A breakout from the surface flow nearest the access road entered the large kipuka there and was advancing eastward through vegetation and over the pavement in the kipuka. The third DI tilt event in the past two weeks completed yesterday evening. Seismic tremor levels and sulfur dioxide emission rates continued elevated to several times background levels at Kilauea summit.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Don The Pirate

I'm sorry folks!
I did a post and I was talking to S.W. at the same time (Mauna Loa has erupted, again )and then when I tried to spell-check, Poof! It was gone, and I was out of time.
This is Don. He loves playing at being a pirate. In fact, he was just recently hired as a security guard at all the local Renaissance Faires. (that he loves to frequent as many times as six or seven a year) Why not? He is certainly believable.
Things are going so jolly well that he had me make him this new vest/waistcoat thingy. He really likes the Capt. Jack Sparrow look. Without the eye makeup and dreadlocks, of course. He brought me a page from an over-priced (and badly made) costume catalogue. After adding about eight inches to the length, and inside pockets, he pronounced it wonderful. ARG! The problem is that I don't think Max, his son, understands that this is a hobby and that daddy is not really out 'over the bounding main'.
Speaking of Max, he is one accident prone child. Each of the three (or four) times I've seen him he has a new bruise. He absolutely loves Chucky Cheese's and goes all out. He LOVES doors of any kind...thinks that the mini door to my jewelry case is just for him. Don't get me wrong. I don't believe he is being abused. I have seen his clumsiness and his frenetic energy. better than that, I have seen how much his father adores him and is constantly trying to prevent him from killing himself accidentaly.
My mom had a son like this. The ER doctor started to look sideways at Mom after a while. Good thing we kept moving to other countries all the time.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday March 1st