Thursday, September 07, 2006


Just got home from Riverside. I took Jaigy home from Kaiser where she had a recommended non-emergency procedure and was unable to drive because of anesthesia after effects. I left after quitting time and made it there in a little more than a hour(traffic). Chuggy dropped her and hubby off this afternoon.
I stopped at Hot Wok on the way past
Lotsa carbs, I know, but so tasty!
And not even a 'before' picture. Sorry folks,
This was a plate of Salmon Sushi
and California Roll.

Here she is, the birthday girl.

80 years old on the 21st of this month.

Happy Birthday early, Mom!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bath Day

Today is Bobby's Bath Day.
As you might imagine by looking at his sorry face, it's not his favorite thing. He is very patient during, but when it's over, he's quite the crazy/mad dog; galloping around, heels over ears, for five minutes! All I have to do is join him with some jumping jacks and he'll keep it up, loving every moment.
He will go to a professional groomer on September 11th. (gulp) It's as soon as they could work him in. Susie, his regular groomer, is a championship trophy and ribbon winner, and a client of mine. I understand that Bob got a 'do at the Broccoli house when he was sleeping over with Gramma. With curlers! What fun. I wish I could've seen it.

Not only Bobby, but Mom is getting a fresh and free (!) Shampoo and Set.
This is the 'Before' picture. She has just recently gotten up and has had her first cup of coffee. On Saturday morning, we don't hurry at all. I don't walk, or even get the mail sometimes. We do all of our errands today. I will take her to the hair salon as soon as we finish our other objectives.

This is Eric, my stylist. He loves Mom, couldn't wait to meet her, and does her little bit of hair for free once a month. Even gave her a permanent! He is somewhat indescribable as I would be accused of hyperbole! (Look it up) Slim and very tall, ex-model, and Hollywood Crazy. He was a steady 'date' for Lana Turner in her later years. Escorted her to lots of film and award functions. Boundless energy, flamboyant, exuberant, even sometimes unashamedly flaky. He used to own a large salon and has done the hair of some very famous celebrities. Semi-Retired and living the quieter life. He does profess to know and love the Lord Jesus, attending a Pentecostal group near here.

I met him through another client of mine; she'd been going to him for her hair appointments and mentioned that she was bringing me some alterations, next thing. He called me immediately as he'd had lost his tailor recently to sickness. We've become mutual clients ever since, often bartering services. I like his energy. He understands my conservative-ness. He does experiment, and I did object. Once. He re-did the shade, bringing the volume down by about half!
I think he wants to adopt Mom.
I told him to get in line.