Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Member Of The Family!

It's not that we are so full of free time...more that we convinced ourselves that this would be a solution to Bobby's lonesome-ness. She is so sweet and gentle. A little bigger than Bob, maybe by an eyebrow.
They are now warily getting to know each other. We are really trying to get her to be more attached to Gramma instead of me this time around. She does love Gramma, (or anybody who pays attention to her for a little while) and spends a good amount of time curled up in the center of her lap.
The two little dogs spent today squared off on either side of said lap, whether on the patio swing or in her bedroom recliner. Bobby always has claims on Gramma's left side (though not in my recent photos obviously) and new/dog is thus relegated to the right by default. They did eat supper from the same double dish tonight, a good sign.
She is another 'rescue' dog from the animal shelter; the folks who originaly took her in changed their mind.
Her grooming has been much neglected and it will take a while for her ears to grow long and lush like Bobby's and her coat to grow back. It was shaved entirely to remove the months of matting and dirt. We believe she is at least partly poodle, maybe 18 months old, and so we will groom her alongside Bobby. We'll then shave her face too, like a proper poodle should, and let her top-knot grow high instead.
We do still have some few incidents of her low growling when he is too nosy, but less and less.
The problem tonight is, we can't seem to name her!!!
We've been all over the alphabet and keep coming back to Vicky; the Best-In-Show winner of the Eukanuba Dog Show last year and the winner of her group (TOY) this year at Westminster.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ivy In Ihe Window and The Hidden Village

I did take a picture IOI! It's been too cold to do anything in the morning in the garden before work this week, so no cutting yet. I also have to wipe up the debris the stem left behind...a sticky, sappy stuff.

We have busy day today. After all of our errands I want to get to Idyllwild to see the snow before the snow is gone! It's high time for our annual winter drive to the mountains. I'll take Mom and Ladybug up to the Hidden Village for supper tonight. Mom has been collecting dimes for forever and today we'll cash them in at the coin bank and have a nice chinese meal.
Well. The snow was all gone! Only piles of black, crusty stuff. pooh.
Oh well. Maybe next year. I had hoped it was still very much there as we'd had an unexpected cold snap Thursday, and lots of cold rain, even snow. Friday was clear, bright, and warm, I should have known.
We arrived in Idyllwild by 5:00pm and the restaurant was nearly empty. We were tucked in a corner away from the door and had a very pleasant evening. The food was exceptional, of course. We all loved the tangy Scechwan Scallops the best. (we should have ordered two plates!) We also had Corn/Egg Flower Soup, Tangerine Beef, and Lemon Chicken.
By the time we were ready to go at a little after 6:00 the restaurant was full with folks waiting (in the way) at the door. Mom forget her purse in the restroom and the Hyundai that arrived after we did had parked too close, so while I pulled my car out and over, Ladybug did a quick and chilly restroom run.
Such an un-classy, almost tacky facade and yet obviously a popular and well loved place.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I sorta wish I'd taken a 'before' photo...oh well, the result is the same anyway.
I was far behind in my deadwood clearing. Both front and back yards. It's been so beautiful outside lately, and warm. Not a day to spend inside like we've had to do the last few wet and freezing weekends. A sure sign of Spring, that gardening feeling...until you find a dead crow under all of the overgrowth. Are we still supposed to report them? What disease was it? I can't remember.
It seems like only yesterday that I'd moved all of my schifflera indoors, and my gardenia, which I'm not sure needs coddling, I just would hate to lose it. They are all in the way in the dining room, but if Puxatawny Phil is as prophetic as I've heard, I'll wait a few more weeks.
Two Bayer Aspirin and a pot of coffee later...
Today started out earlier than usual. Do you ever make a comment that you wished you could un-say? All turned out well of course, it's just that Saturday is the only day of the week that I don't have to get out of bed by 6:30am. I cherish that little bit of luxury, knowing that I have absolutely no need to get up right away.
Last Tuesday at Seven Hills Breakfast I was reminicing about the waffles we'd had at breakfast at Coyle's house. ( he is unable to get waffles made in any restaurant to his liking ) "Lets do it again this Saturday morning! Lets invite the Jensens too!"
As on Tuesdays, we were there by 8:30am. It was a lovely time and ended up being a good thing after all as it got us out and done with all of our errands before noon. We'd left You-Know-Who at home alone and he let us know just how much he thought of us when we came back.
Poor doggie.