Thursday, November 29, 2007

FYI to my blog readers

I had a few objections from several family members on the (what they thought were) un-flattering depictions of their holiday merry-making selves appearing on my last post. Yes, my very public blog.
I left the only photo that didn't annoy anybody in place.
SAJ was the only privileged early bird who got to see the expose.

Humph, as Pooh would say.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

And Yet Another Turkey Dinner To Report.

Maybe I shouldn't bother. We all look so very enthusiastic. don't we? Somehow it's all so redundant by now, and I have waited to post this two days afterwards.
I did brave the crowds on Friday morning. I'd seen some advertisements that interested me. Nothing panned out. Lots of people (on the busiest shopping day of the year). Lots of festive decorating that was very cheerful and pretty. Also lots of hooey. Or 'hud' as Mary says.
I am looking for a Sony Clie/Mylo thingy. Something to access Paypal and thus take ATM or Visa at work without having to lease a cashex machine with all it's extra fees and percentages. Any ideas, Sir?
I'm not aggressive enough (really, I'm not) to scratch and bite for a bargain, especially when I don't know what I really need. Or want.
We did have a nice day at the special meetings today (Saturday), though. Quite a few visitors. Quite alot of good food. Two very good meetings. Sweet fellowship, good times.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now What?

How do you top the last week of blogs?
Life is back to normal.
Work is back to normal.
I don't have any new pictures of my own so I stole this one from PICASA.

As is expected after a perfect holiday, I would spend a little time each day remembering Maui.
I've given away all of the souvenirs; T-Shirts, Li Hing Mui, Necklaces, Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts, I've stuck my MAUI sticker on my back windshield, (opposite my dashboard hula girl), worn my shells, cut my 'wraps' out of my hair, washed and packed away my Hawaii sundresses. I've looked at my pictures and even read myself to sleep by reading a map of the island and driving the familiar Maui roads in my mind. (how sad is that?) OH! I forgot my toothbrush in the condo medicine cabinet, so I think I'd better go back and get it.
It was a great toothbrush.

Halloween has come and gone; no surprises this year at work. A regular client wanted a faux leather jacket/vest for a vampire look but I think she gave up on me since I was gone.
(she's an anxious sort)
I did a set of three mod/neon/psychedelic tights for an all girl Mock-Rock troupe. Oh...I do have a shot of one of them. They promised me a group photo, but that was last month. Let me download it.
The other two were;
Lime Green & Black Zebra Stripe with Hot Pink Fringe and
Purple/Orange/Red Swirls with Yellow Fringe.
I was important that I get these a TIGHT as I could without tearing them.