Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moving Day At Last

Packing up the shop of 17 years took some doing. I scavenged about 20 boxes from the recycle dumpster. Not enough. My helper client Norma brought 10 more. Still not enough. I ended up taking anything at all (that was dry) also from the dumpster.
I was so thankful for all of the help. My Farmer's Corner neighbor, Tom Thompson, offered to let us use his truck and trailer. I thought we would just borrow it but, he said he would come help, too! We did need to make two trips as the boxes were all little and so we couldn't make much of a 'battlement' on the flat-bed. Most of this is fabric, a little is machines, thread, tools, paperwork stuff. Some if it is junk that I'd forgotten about. We asked if we could use another adjacent unit to store stuff while we built counters and partitions. Good thing. It's alot.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Bare Bones of It

I asked SAJ and Jensen to come to take measurements yesterday. We had a major brainstorm session. We thought out loud and we pondered. We arranged things in our heads, on paper, (this way? that way?) and then switched it all around. Definitely thinking outside the box. SAJ is so good at that. She does all kinds of mental gymnastics and even though (she knows) it all needs to pass the 'how will it affect the client' test, she's willing to hash it around for hours!
Bro.Jensen? He just wants the final measurements. How much lumber will I need? Which means I have to make up my mind...
Will the work counter be better here, or there? or over there? He will build it however I want. I deal with this broadness of possibility with my clients all the time. I like to give two, maybe three options so as to not overwhelm with choices. Now the shoe is on the other foot!
I think I have the best configuration in my mind now. That is, until tomorrow.
On the lighter side, as we were laying down the measuring tape here and there, one of us would hold it down (usually with a foot) while one would check the numbers. We had done this numerous times when we noticed that little Miss was following us about 'stamping' on the measureing tape! She is getting very observant and loves to mimic. And explore. And comment. What a joy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Moving On

Years ago we went to a trade show for 'Starving Artists' at the Oakland Coliseum. I think we (mom) bought at least half a dozen very cheap, but beautiful and original paintings. One of my favorites is above the fireplace here at home. It's a landscape of a rustic shed/barn set in the California mountains. Mom has one in her bedroom that used to hang in our living room in San Leandro. It's a unique seascape done in deep pinks and olive greens.
This one was Chuggys. She says I can keep it and hang it in my new shop. I'm hoping to use it as my new color palette.

YES! I'm moving my business after 17 years.
The whole, sad and long story is that the new owners of the mall have raised my rent 60%, voided my three year lease (yes, that's illegal) and expect me to accept their terms by next week.
I am one of seven tenants who've made this choice.
After a season of bewilderment, panic, and despair,
then prayer, contemplation, consideration, and waiting on the Lord, I've decided it is time to move on. The more I weighed the pros/cons, the more I've wondered what took me so long. Nonetheless, if this is what the Lord needs to use to pry me out of a more and more unacceptable location, that's OK.
It's a little scary, a little exciting.
Granted, the original rent was dirt cheap (.56c PSF)and I could insist legally that my lease be honored, but why fight it? I can pay as much as they're asking and go somewhere where I'm on the ground floor and six feet from the parking lot! This will be easier for my 'senior' clients, whom I've decided to cater to as they don't need me to be open Saturdays.
I plan to move next weekend and, yes, I will blog a before-after.
Now I need to go wrap a shower present for Renee.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Daniel's Birthday

We went to Brocolli's last night. Gramma gave Dahbert a real live BONSAI for his birthday. He's tried (and failed) to create one on his own so now he has an already started Japanese Juniper and directions.