Saturday, August 09, 2008

This World Is Not My Home

I don't intend to live in fear.
A few weeks ago I had what I'd call a freak-out day.
I'd heard that Anna had had her bank account 'emptied'.
I saw a new sign in the public library;
"Please Watch Your Valuables!"
The clerks at the fabric store related a recent purse snatching.
"She turned her back on her cart for just a moment."
The local east end Stater Bros had caught a shoplifting team.
Had them all lined up, face-down on the pavement.

I live in Po' Dunk.
This is not Watts.
I am happy to be naive about current events.
I still enjoy the occasional, small and gentle earthquake.
In fact, my neighbors at work and I all ran out to the parking lot;
"Wasn't that fun?"
I play an old Lassen Pines CD in my car.
I think it is 2005/track14
Whatever. I can't discern just who it is that is singing hymn 218;
Oh, they sing it quite beautifully!
I don't think I want to know, really.
It won't make any difference.

Soon will the Master come, soon pass away
Our time of conflict, grief, and suffering here;
Our night of weeping end in cloudless day,
And sorrow's moment like a dream appear.
Eternity-with Jesus-in the skies
How soon that Sun of righteousness will rise!

We shall behold Him, whom not seen we love,
We shall be with Him whom we long to see.
We shall be like Him, fit for realms above,
With Him and like Him for eternity.
Is now to sit at Jesus' feet our choice?
How will fruition make our souls rejoice?

I must have played it about 50 times, over and over.
I cannot tell you how long it has been since a hymn resonated in my soul like this one.
Each and every line spoke to me .
It lifted me.
I was no longer agitated.
It soothed me, detached me from earth.
There is absolutely nothing, nothing like that 'purifying hope'.
Can anyone tell me how to get it from my CD to play on my blog?
I'd like to do that.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have put my camera down somewhere.
Oh well.
I'm certain that it is here at home. I remember looking at it one day, and thinking that it was a really good idea I had, to put an address sticker right on it in case I lost it.
(As if any one would return such a thing, right?)
I didn't take it to Lassen.
I didn't take it to Van Nuys.
I did take it to David and Heather's wedding but I've already posted pictures of such, and so, obviously I had it then.
We bought a new dishwasher at Lowes this Spring. (trust me, these stories are related)
They had a special promotion; free installation, free delivery, $100.00 rebate, and
a $75.00 gift card.
I put the Gift Card in a safe place.
A place where I would know where it was when I needed it, I'm sure.
They're just like cash, don't you know, and since I didn't want to 'squander' it in the 'oh-so-enticing' Garden Department, but use it for a new front door, or paint for the kitchen, etc,
I set it aside where I would keep it until such a project rolled around on the calender.
Mom's birthday is in late September.
We need a new Front Door.
We should take the IVY wallpaper down from the kitchen, and get a new overhead light fixture.
The camera ran away with the gift card.
They are hiding from me, and laughing at me, together.