Friday, May 09, 2008

Lovely Lily

It was always so quiet when I would walk Bobby in the morning. Serene, tranquil, a soft easing into the day. Just Bobby, the sunrise, and me. Now that he is old and cannot make the trip with me (at the speed I prefer and at the non stop-and-smell-all-the-smelly-things pace I prefer) I have left him at home, in bed with Gramma.

Lily is always ready. She is anxious to get up and get going. Wiggle, wiggle, wag. It's not so quiet when I walk Lily. See, Lily would like to be a mommy. She is ready to be a mommy right now. We have had her for three months and now she thinks this is somehow a great idea. So when we go outside to the soft, dawning day all of the would-be daddy dogs in the neighborhood tell her how beautiful she is all the way around the walk we take. She is in danger of becoming vain, I think.

arf arf arf. woof woof woof. bark bark bark. Never a quiet minute to be had.

Oh well.

p.s. I am not ready to be a gramma just yet, and Bobby is too old anyway.