Sunday, January 31, 2010

I miss my wee Bobby

This is in memory of sweet Bobby. We have reluctantly decided to give him to our dog-boarder Vicky to live out his last few days. He was getting more blind and more deaf, and needed so much more attention than my work-day could afford him. Vicky has loved him for as long as she's known him and asked if she could just keep him after we'd left him there during Burbank Conference. She and I had discussed the growing Bobby-Lily conflict in our home. When she suggested that she give him a hospice home I was so grateful. He's settled and secure. There are three Yorkies living there and a great big Shepherd named Max. Max is the nanny-dog. I go visit him, and hold him and weep only silently. He is a good wee dog.

This is the original post; I thought you'd enjoy it.
Not much else to do on a rainy Saturday.
Errands, errands, and more errands.
Most of the time he perches like a hood ornament on Mom's knees, facing down the elements, I guess.
If we see any other dogs he barks so very ferociously.
He'll go into most (foodless) stores in his satchel over my shoulder, and stay quiet for hours. I think he just want's to be along and not left at home alone.