Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot Day to Hot Day

We haven't got much energy these days. It's been so hot and humid we can't get motivated by anything!
Well, not entirely. Knitty is coming to visit, and we're also doing some much needed remodeling
Though it's been in the 100's, Mom wants to do some knitting. She's got five daughters, one 'adopted stray' daughter, Debbie, and a friend Darlene(wife of super-handy-fix-it man and all around nice guy, John).
So she wants to knit stuff.

I dragged all of the yarn filled bins from off the shelves in the garage. We lined them up on the drive-way behind the car. Now all she needed was a big, big bag to collect her pickings in. Our own little yarn shop.
Or driveway, if you will.
Mom keeping cool in the chair in her room.
We're having Mom's bathroom remodeled. These are some BEFORE pictures for you.
I've always been concerned about those tempered-glass shower doors. What if she tripped and fell against them? What if they shattered when she leaned on them?

Also, the doorway into the room was so narrow that she couldn't fit her walker in with her without bumping both her hands. Seriously, it is only 23.5 inches wide!