Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jan's Jasmine Bower

This is how I start my day.
I mean, officially after my walk and after I make coffee, then my day really begins.
I'm good at delayed gratification, I guess. I think about that first steaming cup as I get out if bed at 6:00am. Coffee is off in the future by at least an hour, but it is a reason to get up in the morning,
I'm usually home by 7:00am. It's so fresh and quiet out at that time, except for the morning traffic, the school kids, and the road crews.
I try to take Elizabeth Elliot's advice and use the time for prayer. She said once that she found she spent more time 'wool gathering' if she prayed on her knees first thing in the morning, so she walks and talks with the Lord outside.
It's a good time to marvel at God's grace, His creation, His patience with mankind. It's also a good time to spread my thoughts out, to really consider what I want to ask the Lord about, what I want Him to do, what I want Him to help me do.
Then, when I get home I release Bobby, hang up my jacket and bag, fill the kettle, and set up the coffee grounds and filter.
I make only two cups; one for me and one for Mom. We sit on the patio and greet the day together. I love my Mom.

Friday, May 25, 2007

One Last Prom Dress

I know, I know, enough already. I wanted you to see the last one, anyway.
Madison has come to me several times in the past, for alterations and for the (in)famous 'Mini Beauty and the Beast' dress.
This is her Senior Year and this is her dress.
She'd found one she liked on-line but, as is the nature of the business, all the site would tell her was where to go to buy the dress, not how much, (each store will have their own inflated price, apparently.) nor what sizes and colors.

I said I would give it a shot. As it often happens, after I agree to do the job, numerous 'incidentals' pop up, like; hot gluing rhinestones down the front, an anatomically impossible back 'drop' and more super-extra push-up padding. I still didn't get the back to be as low as she'd wanted. I tried to explain that the curve of the waist wrap couldn't go any lower and be still connected, aesthetically or physically, to the front. If I had made the front bodice longer, to her hips, maybe. The angle was almost impossible to bias drape as it was; the back piece was shaped like a fat 'S'. Add to that, fitting in an invisible zipper that didn't catch on the fabric was no picnic. The fish-tail is just a long bias tube that is stitched in the whole length of the back skirt seam and then gathered into the hip yoke and allowed to drape free.

Sometimes I have to start out with two simple questions;
"How is it going to stay up?"
"When can I talk to your Mom?"

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tortellini Alfresco

SAJ came for the evening and had supper with us outside on the patio.
Appropriately, we had Italian food. Tri-colored tortellini with butter, parmesan, and tomato sauce.
We had the fountain going and it makes such a pleasant sound.
Helena wanted to visit it up close, so I happily obliged.


Here is the actress with the dress on so you can see it too.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prom Time

She's always loved Audrey. I think she has seen every single film that Audrey has made. We think Liz looks a little like her favorite movie star, too. She even wears the '60s sunglasses.
This is Liz's senior year in high school and her mom said she could have any dress she wants for her Senior Prom. So they came to me with a 'still' of Audrey Hepburn in this dress. We weren't able to find the gauzy black overlay/white satin, so we improvised with a bordered linen. It works. Liz can take off the outer skirt to dance or when it just gets too heavy. I tell you, it sure got heavy for me!
(She did have to remove the belly ring, though. It showed through)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I love my new shop.

I loved my old shop. For a while, anyway. I can see myself here for a long time; the Lord willing and the creek don't rise! I am not yet hairless and nail-less but, I am sleeping better. I was having identity issues all day yesterday. One minute I am super-unpacker, the next minute I am chief construction decision maker, the next minute I am opening day hostess, the next I am professional shopkeeper with clients at the door, and last, but not least, I am (more flies with honey, more flies with honey) AT&T cage rattle-er. The rep switched my phone line to the wrong building, told me I needed to call a private pro to have my line 'strung' to my building, and left. big sigh. It's straightened out now, my phone rings, has rung all day.

Prom season is upon us.