Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dressing The Upper Crust

Rick needed a new look in his florist shop window so King Kong came to me for new shorts.
Not just any shorts, mind you, Valentine shorts!
He was nice to hug but, it was a little hard to do the measuring. I finally pinned the end of the tape measure to a spot on his belly; ran my arm around as far as I could; threw the other end of the tape measure behind him and hoped I could reach it on the other side. The final truth was 77inches. That's a lot of elastic.
P.S. The feather boa was my idea. He was too manly to accept it. And too polite about it, didn't want to hurt my feelings, I guess.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Skidboot on Pet Star
I was sent this by a client yesterday. I think this will take you to youtube and an amazing documentary about an amazing dog, plus some other videos about him. I guess you know what an endless foray a venture into youtube is!
I have a (supposedly very intelligent) toy poodle who knows the words; UP, CAR, POTTY, and OUTSIDE. Whoop-de-doo!
Here is another one about sheepdogs. I can't get the streaming just gives me 'stills'. P.S. how do I stop the song from playing all the time?

Monday, January 21, 2008

David and Heather's Wedding Shower 1/19/2008

photos of the shower
I wonder if this will work. It's a link to Martha's webshots albums.
(I'm sure she'd like the company) Nope. Won't need a password & username, sorry.
We had a wonderful day. The Lord was good, we had almost 75 least for one head-count mid-way through the afternoon.
Everything went like clock-work. 'Many hands make light work' as the Amish saying goes. I so enjoy the team effort!
We served that wonderful little salad made from baby greens, with pears, feta, candied pecans, balsamic. Always a hit. The girls had fun making them en-masse (as you'll see) and were amazed at how good it was, such a simple combination of flavors. I really think they were surprised at the compliments they received!
Citrus Grilled Chicken ala 'Jean Poullet', Green Beans with Butter & Almonds, Roasted Red Potatoes with Olive Oil & Thyme, Crusty French Bread, and a sweet finish...Blueberry Pomegranate Sorbet.
Or Coconut.
Or Lemon.
Or all three.
David came from Pittsburgh especially for the day. The wedding isn't until March first.
I'll see some bridesmaids at my shop tomorrow for some alterations and then it's off to Samurai Steve for sushi! I hope they have fresh white albacore on the sashimi menu! I've had it once before and it's so delicious.
Today was a long, slow day at work so I came home an hour early.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I miss my Bobby

This is in memory of sweet Bobby. We have reluctantly decided to give him to our dog-boarder Vicky to live out his last few days. He was getting more blind and more deaf, and needed so much more attention than my work-day could afford him. Vicky has loved him for as long as she's known him and asked if she could just keep him after we'd left him there during Burbank Conference. She and I had discussed the growing Bobby-Lily conflict in our home. When she suggested that she give him a hospice home I was so grateful. He's settled and secure. There are three Yorkies living there and a great big Shepherd named Max. Max is the nanny-dog. I go visit him, and hold him and weep only silently. He is a good wee dog.

This is the original post; I thought you'd enjoy it.
Not much else to do on a rainy Saturday.
Errands, errands, and more errands.
Most of the time he perches like a hood ornament on Mom's knees, facing down the elements, I guess.
If we see any other dogs he barks so very ferociously.
He'll go into most (foodless) stores in his satchel over my shoulder, and stay quiet for hours. I think he just want's to be along and not left at home alone.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What A Way To Start The New Year.

I thought these photos were benign enough. I had to laugh at my neighbor...just toss that old tree in the yard! Someone will cart it away eventually.
Better than my mood last night.
The year started out well... until yesterday.
I had a 'professional challenge' with a new client. She poked her head in my door and said she would be right in after she'd finished her cigarette.
That was nice, thank you.
We talked over the job she had for me.
We talked over the jewelry I have on display.
We talked for 15 minutes.
I walked with her out to the lobby to discover that she had placed her still lit cigarette on the threshold INSIDE the door! It had burned and burned for the entire time!
"I know, I know..." she says.
As my eyes are bugging out of my head and my 'professional' demeanor is straining (and cracking) it's limits, I quickly escort her outside. (She futilely brushes the two inches of ash off my floor, meekly apologizing left and right)
I was so stunned.
After she'd gone (of course) I thought of the dozens of things I'd wished I'd said;
What is it that "I know, I know."???
Is that supposed to make it better?
That you 'know' that your smoke damages my health, my property, my client's property, my paint, my fabrics, my hair?
Does your meekly and immediately admitting your guilt absolve you in some way?
Did you deliberately ignore the law in California that prohibits smoking inside ANY public building?
Did you think that law was for everyone else?
If you knew it was wrong, why did you choose to do the wrong thing?
Do you often choose wrong over right?
Did you realize that now and for another hour and a half, I need to turn off my heater, open all my windows and doors, turn on the only fan, (the one in the bathroom) and continue to work in the cold and damp until quitting time?
Did you want me to add the dry cleaning bill for all of my antique and display dresses to your $20.00 job?
And here I thought that NO SMOKING signs were a thing of the past!!
I'm glad I didn't say any of those things.
Especially with all of the scriptures hanging on my walls.
Especially since the smoke cleared and there was no damage.
My red-head temper is such a challenge.
Why can't I be a sweet tempered brunette?